Bible/Man Circle Book

Bible/Man Circle – A Bible Study for Men

How to lead a men’s Bible study that produces authentic sharing and real growth

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I developed Bible/Man Circle as a tool for creating the ideal men’s Bibles study that I couldn’t find anywhere else.  Now the complete package is available in one useful book!

If you identify with any of these statements, then Bible/Man Circle may be for you!

  • You are tired of men’s groups that are shallow and fake.
  • You are tired of just going through the motions with Bible studies.
  • You are spending time together with other men, but not becoming close.
  • You lead a group of men and are looking for something new and fresh.
  • You want to start a men’s group but don’t know what to do.

As you read you will find resources to help you run your own group.  You’ll also find a ready-made, battle-tested plan for preparing and running the study.  I’ll give you everything you need to get going today!

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