Getting To Know God's Word Workbook

By Dennis C Stevenson Jr

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The perfect companion workbook for Getting To Know God's Word. Maximize your learning with this study guide that leads you through every exercise and connects all the key points so you'll stay focused on everything that matters when it comes to your Bible.


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Discover how all 66 books of the Bible relate together to tell God’s story of Redemption.

Author and Bible teacher Dennis Stevenson draws on decades of study to provide a simple framework that organizes every book of the Bible. His simple structure gives purpose and meaning to every Bible story and points to the overarching drama of how God will redeem His rebellious creation.

This workbook pairs with the book Getting To Know God’s Word. It provides a guide for readers and students to more deeply examine the connections between the books of the Bible. The workbook follows the same outline and offers ample space to capture detailed notes and observations to maximize learning.

In this workbook you will:

  • Build a 12-Point outline of the entire Bible
  • Document the 3 primary Characters, the driving Conflict and the over-arching Promise of the Bible
  • Understand the 3 Divine Offices which God used to execute His will on earth
  • Identify 14 Key points of Christ’s earthly ministry in the Gospels
  • Define the 4 uses of Scripture as outlined by God through Paul

Getting To Know God’s Word is an insightful and easy read on a topic many people find confusing. If you want to increase your understanding of the Bible and deepen your love for God, then you’ll appreciate Dennis Stevenson’s clear instruction and simple summary of the most important book ever written.

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Getting To Know God's Word Workbook

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45 ratings