Jarial's Last Chance

By Dennis C Stevenson Jr

Welcome to the Heavenly Realms. Archangel Jarial is ready to give it one my try to pass her Level 3 exam. But things don’t go as she expects and her life takes a turn she didn’t see coming. Now she’s caught between a friend and a terrible choice. Time is running out, how will she choose?


Life seems good for the Archangel Jarial.

She has a great job in the heavenly realm and a few good friends. But she can’t pass the Archangel level 3 exam. It’s the only point of pain in her otherwise happy life.

Will she be content with her level 2 rating, or will she take more extreme measures to get what she wants? Either path has severe consequences, even if she can’t see them very clearly.

Enjoy a multi-voice audio book cast with Google automated voices which are not of this world!




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Dennis C Stevenson Jr

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