Jesus Above All

By Dennis C Stevenson Jr

If your worship is letting you down, you need a fresh vision of Jesus. Four encounters with Jesus in the pages of scripture will show you a powerful and majestic Jesus that make you want to kneel and worship Him with fresh passion.


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Has worship lost its urgency? Do you long for worship that leaves you trembling and breathless? Discover the antidote for uninspired worship in an extraordinary vision of Jesus.

In this short book, Bible teacher and author Dennis Stevenson breathes fresh perspective into four familiar biblical encounters with Jesus and provides practical tools that will transform your daily worship. When you see Jesus clearly, your worship will never be the same again.

In this easy to read book you will find:

  • 4 extraordinary encounters with Jesus that will shape your worship
  • 3 simple worshipful practices you can start today
  • Worship resources you can use to make these truths come to life every day

Jesus Above All is a quick read with long-lasting benefits. Dennis Stevenson’s simple writing paints a vivid picture of the glory of God. If you like biblical stories, clear explanations, and practical application, you’ll love this book.

Download Jesus Above All now and get ready for a revitalized worship experience.




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