Miracles: Faith in Action

By Dennis C Stevenson Jr

When God performs miracles, the people who receive His grace come away changed. Watch ten stories of people having intimate encounters with God and discover how His power activates their faith. As you read this book you'll be challenged to lean in to your own faith.


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Are you searching for encouragement? Do you want to renew your faith? Let God’s miraculous love bring you comfort and inspiration.

Author and Bible teacher, Dennis Stevenson addresses the age-old question: Where is God when times are hard? Drawing from the stories of ten biblical characters in difficult circumstances, he shows how God unleashes miraculous power and love when His people turn to Him in faith.

Ideal for personal devotions or small group discussions, Miracles: Faith in Action teaches timely lessons about faith in difficult times. You’ll discover how God’s miraculous power meets you where you are and strengthens even the smallest seed of faith. Each story includes questions for journaling and discussion that will apply the principles of faith to your own life.

Miracles: Faith In Action gives you timely lessons for today:

  • Ten sessions, each with a lesson about faith in the Christian life
  • Questions for discussion in a group or personal application
  • A downloadable workbook to record your thoughts and answers
  • And much, much more…

Miracles: Faith In Action is a short but powerful book that will renew and encourage your faith. If you are looking for engaging storytelling, solid spiritual truth, and practical life application, Dennis Stevenson’s insightful study will strengthen your faith.

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Miracles: Faith in Action

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Dennis C Stevenson Jr

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