The Assignment

By Dennis C Stevenson Jr

Amariel should have known better than to want a bigger assignment. But when the duty cherub tells him about an opportunity that is technically beyond his level, he chooses to take the risk. Little does he understand the spiritual warfare that he must overcome or the real outcome he must deliver.


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Be careful what you desire. You might not get what you expect.

The assignment was beyond him, or was it?

Amariel returned to the Angelic Dispatch center to receive a new assignment.  He dreaded another long term, boing task that had no obvious value.

He never expected the Dispatch Cherub to offer him a choice between two assignments.

One he knew he could do well, but it would likely bore him to tears.  The other was technically beyond his level.

The choice would teach him more than he expected about himself and the God that he served.




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Dennis C Stevenson Jr

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