“Be holy for I am holy.” 

If holiness is your objective, then this little book is an invaluable tool to help you in your pursuit.  You aren’t alone in your goal.  God has provided tools and resources that will help you navigate the challenging path.

Few books have left such a lasting mark on my heart and mind. Jerry Bridges outlines the journey to holiness in a way that makes it seem reasonable and doable.
Dennis Stevenson
Author, Bible Teacher

The Pursuit of Holiness has a permanent spot on my bookshelf.  It’s been years since I purchased my copy, but I hang on to it when I clear out other books because it is Bible-based and provides the clear instruction I need to make holiness my priority – day in and day out.

Get a copy for yourself and you’ll see…

  • How God has equipped us to lead holy lives
  • Guidelines for determining right from wrong
  • How reasons and emotions influence our will
  • How habits and personal discipline play a part in holy living.

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