Faith & Miracles


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Are you searching for a deeper faith?  Do you want to live the life God intended for you?  Discover the intimate relationship between your faith and God’s miracles.

Best-selling author and Bible teacher, Dennis Stevenson shares ten miraculous stories that reveal how faith pleases God.

Meet men and women in circumstances that cried out for a miracle.  Whether God responded to their faith or acted to strengthen it, you’ll discover how He cared about the condition of their heart. With insightful questions for each passage, journal your answers or discuss them in a group to strengthen your own faith and draw closer to God.

Faith & Miracles gives you timely lessons for today:

  • Ten sessions, each with a lesson about faith in the Christian life
  • Questions for discussion in a group or personal application
  • A downloadable workbook to record your thoughts and answers
  • And much, much more..

Faith & Miracles is a short but powerful book that will inspire and challenge your faith. If your faith is lagging and needs a boost, this book will remind you how much God loves you and works all things together for good.

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