Six Easy Steps Bible Study Bundle


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The Bundle Includes:

Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps:

Since 2018, thousands of readers have learned the simple steps to read, understand and apply God’s Word in their lives. Written in every day language, this practical book makes Bible Study accessible to everyone.

Now paired with a workbook that summarizes and gives space for notes and exercise, this powerful pair of teaching resources will start your spiritual journey on the right foot!

Getting to Know God’s Word

Getting to Know God’s Word takes the guesswork out of the Bible. Starting in Genesis it walks all the way through to Revelation and shows how the books connect and the stories fit together. You’ll learn how to trace the main characters and the driving conflict through Scripture and how it points to the Good News that gives us hope.

Paired with the workbook, this package builds confidence as much as it does knowledge.

Guided Study of Titus

This guided study of Titus walks through the three chapters of the book in four sessions. You’ll practice the Six Easy Steps study method guided by helpful video explanations and expert study notes.

Studying God’s Word is easier than you might think. This guided study of Titus will build your confidence even as it reveals God’s will.

Guided Study of 1 Timothy

The guided study of First Timothy takes the knowledge gained studying Titus and turbo-charges it. Following the same Six Easy Steps process as Titus, this study adds bonus teachings designed to make the study process easier and more impactful.

Guided Study of Ruth

The Old Testament makes up Fifty-Nine percent of your Bible and is loaded with spiritual nuggets that will strengthen your Christian walk. This guided study of Ruth shows you how to handle some of the key differences between a New Testament study and one in the Old Testament.

Strengthen your study acumen while you learn the key skills that will enable you to uncover God’s word in the Old Testament.

Everything You Need

  • Mix and match the books and courses to maximize your learning while you proceed at your own pace to match your schedule.
  •  Study The Bible – Six Easy Steps makes it simple to learn how to study God’s Word. Combined with the workbook you’re ready to retain what you’ve learned.
  •  The Guided Study of Titus is designed to pair with the book. Practice what you’ve learned. Build your confidence that you can become a Bible Student – it’s all part of the success-driven-design.
  •  Getting to Know God’s Word is the perfect companion book. It adds depth to everything you can do with your Bible – from studying to simply reading – you’ll understand more and find deeper enjoyment in the Greatest Book Ever Written.
  • The Guided Studies of 1 Timothy and Ruth lock in what you’ve learned and help it become second nature. 1 Timothy expands on the lessons of Titus while Ruth illustrates how to study an Old Testament Book.
  • Bible Study Academy seeks to form Lifelong Bible Students. This bundle is the foundation of a journey that will last until Jesus comes again!