Current Project

A business parable serial exploring real life career issues and a framework for learning the craft of managing your career.

It all started on a Monday morning. James Pattinson came into work to find projects falling behind schedule, his development staff in chaos and escalating tension with other departments. Again. Only this week James had a meeting with his director, who was fed up with the situation and delivered an ultimatum: Clean up the mess or changes would be made.

Follow James as he gets connected with resources to help him rescue his own career as well as bring control to the situation around him. The biggest question is whether he can learn quickly enough to make the changes before his boss's patience runs out.

The first stage of this project is a serial story in my blog Original Thinking. I Introduced the 4 P's of Career Development in January of 2008, and have returned several times to further refine the concept. Over January and February 2017 I will serially post the story of James Pattinson and how he learned to use the 4 Ps to rescue his own career from certain ruin.

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Bible/Man Circle Book

An AUTHOR writing passionately from the heart.

Bible/Man represents more than a decade of working with men to discover their God-given power and throw off the challenges which hinder full development.

Bible/Man Circle is a small group format for men to learn about and experience their God-given emotions. Jesus wept. David rejoiced. Moses lost his temper. Elijah became afraid and ran for his life. Using stories of men in the Bible, this group explores seeing God, and the world around us, more deeply and richly than before.