About Me

The son of a Baptist pastor, I fell in love with God through dinner table discussions, bed time prayers, and in Bible stories learned at Sunday School. Studying the Bible became as much a part of growing up as learning to read. From an early age, I committed my life to Jesus and have been walking with Him for more than 50 years now.

Consumed by a desire to know more, I learned the basics of Bible study and applied them to my interaction with God’s Word. From high school onward, I have explored God’s Word, history and the culture of the biblical world, building a foundation of knowledge that enables ever greater learning and mastery.

Embracing the the joy of discovery and the conviction that comes from personal learning, I love to teach others how to engage with the Scriptures for themselves. Bypassing fancy degrees and pre-cooked commentaries, I share my love of God’s Word with every-day Christians who want to lean in to their relationship with Jesus and embark upon a journey of spiritual growth.

I writes books for people who are curious about God’s Word and want to study it for themselves using a few simple tools that do not require advanced degrees. As a Bible teacher and author, I want to build a community of lifelong Bible students who dive into the Scriptures to encounter God as He has revealed Himself.