BibleMan Devotional Workbook

Thanks for buying Bible/Man Devotional for Men!

You are just moments away from from getting the complete workbook for 30 days of devotions that will change the way you see God, the Bible and Yourself.

This Workbook contains all 30 of the devotional sessions with prompts and places for you to fill in the blanks for each of the steps in the process.

  • PRAY – Ask God to be present with you and to reveal Himself to you.
  • READ –Read the text of the story, preferably out loud.
  • DATA – What pieces of data jump out of the story at you?
  • CONFLICT – What is this man’s conflict or choice in this story?
  • JUDGMENT – How do you judge this man?
  • EMOTION – Given everything above, what emotions are you aware of right now?
  • REFLECTION – Where in your own life do you hold similar judgments or have similar emotions?
  • APPLICATION – Given what you’ve just written, what do you want to have happen in your life?
  • CONVICTION – Write down 2 or 3 things to take to God in prayer regarding what you’ve just written.

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