Let’s Study the book of Titus!

Now that you’ve learned how to study your Bible, let’s put your new skills to use with a simple guided study of the short New Testament book of Titus.

This email series will provide everything you need to make this first study a smashing success:

  • A custom study template designed for the book of Titus so you can organize your notes.
  • A copy of the Titus manuscript you can use as the foundation of your study.
  • Weekly instructions on how to complete the study steps.
  • Weekly updates with expert completed study materials for comparison and additional learning.
  • A study template you can use to organize your next Bible book study (and every one thereafter).
  • Links to recommendations for study resources that will improve the depth of your Bible study.
  • Six weeks of support as you complete your first study.
  • Question and answer with the author as you go through the study. If you get stuck, ask for help and you’ll get it.

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