Study the Bible - Old Testament

By Dennis C Stevenson Jr

Study Old Testament Histories With The Six Easy Steps Method. A launch date has not been set, but you can sign up to get updates about the book by clicking the "Keep Me Updated" button.

Expand your Bible Study Skills!

If you’ve learned the Six Easy Steps method for studying your Bible, then you’re set to study your New Testament.  But what about all the books of the Old Testament?

This book expands on the Six Easy Steps study method to show you how to look at the historical narratives of the Old Testament.  The process is the same, but the details are slightly different. Learn how to expand your existing skills to take in a whole new category of Bible study!

If you’ve thought the Old Testament was less important that the New Testament, you’ll learn why the Old Testament is a critical study for the Bible student.  You’ll discover how to enhance your understanding of the gospel and God’s plan for the church by learning what came before – in the Old Testament.

The steps in this book are ideal to help you study…

  • The story of Sampson in the book of Judges
  • The book of Ruth (don’t miss the free guided study)
  • The story of Jonah and the whale
  • The tale of Esther saving God’s People from annihilation
  • The story of the Exodus of God’s people from Egypt

If you’re looking to expand your study skills this companion book will build on what you already know and show you how to flex your approach to understand large portions of the Old Testament.

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