The Garden

By Dennis C Stevenson Jr

When surprise orders send Galeriel away from his post at the Garden and back to the Heavenly Realms he is surprised. But when an attack breaks out at the gates to the Garden, he must decide if he will follow orders or get involved. Either way the cost will be greater than he could imagine.


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Geleriel was content to guard the Garden of Eden.  In all the time he’d stood the post, no one had tried to get to the Tree of Life.  In a word, it was an easy post.

But when he was mysteriously reassigned to other duties, his well-ordered world began to unravel.  Caught between divided loyalties, he must decide how far he’s willing to go when disaster strikes.

A story with a point, this imaginative telling of events that just might have happened will entertain you and challenge your status quo.

This story is book 2 in the Heavenly Realms series of angelic short stories.




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Dennis C Stevenson Jr

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