Devotion: Men in the Bible

Journey to rediscover God, the Bible and yourself as a man.

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Imagine upgrading your devotions to a one-on-one discussion with great men in the Bible!

The Bible is loaded with men in situations just like you.  Through the stories of their lives, you can learn powerful lessons, gain clarity on situations or circumstances and see what God wants for your life.

Let Devotion – Men in the Bible guide your own personal journey to encounter these men and make them come alive.  You will find encouragement, instruction and insight from their struggles and triumphs.  Along the way, you’ll find that your heart has been shaped by God to love Him more.

The book and the format are easy to use. Do it by yourself, with a few friends, in a small group, or with your son. God’s word will speak powerfully and everyone will come away changed.

This book includes a daily journal section.  For 30 days, receive story background, questions to consider and space to write out your thoughts.  Writing it down makes it stick better and go deeper into your heart.

Devotion: Men in the Bible offers guided steps and 30 unique stories that will make your devotional time a snap.

  1. PRAY – Ask God to be present.
  2. READ –Read through the entire passage, out loud if possible.
  3. DATA – What pieces of data jump out of the story at you?
  4. CONFLICT – What conflict does the man in the story face?
  5. JUDGMENT – How do you judge the man in the story?
  6. EMOTION – Given everything above, what emotions are you aware of right now?
  7. REFLECTION – Where in your own life do you hold similar judgments or have similar emotions?
  8. APPLICATION – Given your judgments and emotions, what do you want to have happen in your life?
  9. CONVICTION – Write down 2 or 3 things to take to God in prayer regarding the application.

Don’t wait another minute.  Get the book and start now!