Getting Started Kit

Thanks for getting Men in the Bible – Small Group Study Guide

If you got here from your copy of Bible/Man Circle, don’t worry, you’re on the right page.  Men in the Bible is the updated edition of Bible/Man Circle.

You are just moments away from getting all the tools you need to lead your own men’s Bible study.

This Getting Started Kit contains 5 files in a zipped folder.  Once you have it, extract the files and you’ll be ready to go!.

  • A Simple Guide to Emotions (template of 10 cards)
  • DFJ Process (template of 10 cards)
  • Men in the Bible Cards (template of 10 cards)
  • Men in the Bible Stories that Work – 20 great stories of Men in the Bible that work great
  • Men in the Bible Week 1 Outline

All of these resources are explained in the book.  Sign up below and I’ll send them to you!

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