As Often As You Do It (ebook)


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Do you wonder why Christians take communion? Has the Lord’s Supper become a thing you do but don’t understand?  Discover what this simple rite means and move beyond empty ritual to a celebration of love and redemption.

Author and Bible teacher Dennis Stevenson returns to the familiar scriptures and reads them in the light of ancient Jewish traditions. His insight sheds fresh light on the practice of communion and reveals the meaning of the bread and cup.

In this book, you’ll discover the powerful story of redemption that Jesus gave us in the Lord’s Supper.  Find fresh spiritual encouragement and strengthen your faith every time you take communion.  When you eat the bread and drink the cup, you’ll look back on the price He paid and remember how much He loves you.

In As Often As You Do It, you will discover for yourself:

  • The powerful emotions behind Jesus’ command, “Remember Me every time you do this.”
  • Why the disciples didn’t understand Jesus’ words until much later.
  • The special bread Jesus used during the last supper to represent His body.
  • The ancient name of the cup Jesus selected to commemorate His blood.
  • A vital connection to Jesus’ love every time you celebrate Communion

As Often As You Do It makes the Lord’s Supper come alive with meaning and emotion.  If you want to gain a deeper grasp of Jesus’ words, turn communion into a spiritual celebration, and grow closer to your Savior then you’ll love Dennis Stevenson’s fresh insights into this Christian practice.

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