Devotion: Men in the Bible



Do you get lost when you read the Bible? Do ancient stories of strange people perplex you?  Transform your confusion into spiritual insight  with six questions to make every Bible story relevant and compelling.

Best-selling author and long-time men’s Bible study teacher  Dennis Stevenson shares how to read Bible stories like they were written directly to you. Learn how these ancient tales of loyalty, betrayal, anger, lust, hopelessness, fear and faith can unleash an explosion of spiritual renewal.

Devotion:  Men in the Bible offers a compact program of understanding.  Discover a set of simple questions that will bring clarity to any Bible story.  Learn how your answers point the way to impact and application.  Every Bible story will begin to speak directly to your circumstances and point the way to change and spiritual growth in your life.

I can honestly say that there has not ever been a more meaningful study of God’s word for me.

In this book you will find:

  • The power of emotion as a key to understanding your Bible
  • How to use the Data-Judgment-Feeling model to gain a deeper understanding of Bible stories
  • The “If you spot it-you got it” technique to apply spiritual lessons

Devotion – Men in the Bible is a quick read but a powerful tool for spiritual growth.  If you’re looking for a fresh approach to studying your bible and want a ready made month of daily encounters with God, you will love Dennis Stevenson’s fresh approach!

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