By Dennis C Stevenson Jr

Getting To Know God’s Word Bundle (Print – Save $2)

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From Genesis to Revelation and all the books in between. The Bible is an amazing book that many many people find challenging to read. Discover how all the pieces fit together to tell one life-changing story.

  • Improve your comprehension when you read off the beaten path.
  • Enhance your study time by knowing the purpose of every book.
  • Build your familiarity with the greatest book ever written!

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Dennis C Stevenson Jr
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Dennis C Stevenson Jr
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Do you read your Bible but think you’re missing the bigger point? Are you worried you’re not getting the right spiritual impact from God’s Word?  In simple terms, this book explains the connections between stories, why they matter, and how you can read them to grow spiritually.

This fresh take on God’s Word organizes the Bible into eleven sections that address specific themes and challenges. The stories in each section explore a pressing problem and propel us toward the fundamental message of the Bible – How can God restore His creation and redeem rebellious people?

In Getting To Know God’s Word you’ll be biblically grounded and pointed toward new spiritual life

  • A concise three-page summary of the entire Bible that perfectly explains the human condition, God’s righteousness and Jesus’ sacrifice.
  • An introduction to the three main characters of the Bible that appear on every page and drive the conflict that rages through every book – and still dominates the world today.
  • An ancient definition of wisdom that predates Aristotle and Plato by centuries and turns modern expectations inside out and upside down.
  • A 14-point outline of Jesus’ life on earth that harmonizes all four gospel accounts and revolutionizes the impact of reading and studying the life of Christ.
  • An historic understanding of the role of the church in God’s plan for the current era – and what you should be doing to participate.
  • And much more…

Journey from Genesis to Revelation with author and international Bible teacher Dennis Stevenson as he exposes the life-changing story that makes the Bible the greatest book ever written. If you want a systematic approach to understanding scripture that pays dividends every time you open God’s word then you’ll love this comprehensive summary and compelling outline of the greatest book ever written.

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