Getting To Know God’s Word – Audiobook – Female Narrator



Do you want to know God’s Word better? Do you want to go beyond the familiar stories and see the greater message of the Bible? This simple guide walks through Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and reveals the story of God’s deep love and surprising plan of redemption.

Author and Bible teacher Dennis Stevenson delivers a simple outline that links every book of the Bible to the story of salvation. Drawing from decades of study, he brings clarity and focus to the central truth of God’s Word.

In this easy-reading book, you’ll discover the major segments of the Bible that reveal the details of God’s wonderful plan. Learn how the problem of sin builds and the plan of redemption develops as you journey from the Garden of Eden to the crucifixion. After the resurrection you’ll encounter the church, God’s new program designed to make disciples and spread the gospel until Jesus comes again.

In Getting To Know God’s Word you’ll gain insight into important spiritual questions:

  • Why did God allow sin into the Garden of Eden?
  • What temporary measures did God put in place and why were they inadequate for long term results?
  • How did the ancients view wisdom and what does it say about the meaning of life?
  • Why did Jesus have to die on the cross?
  • When was the church formed and how does it advance God’s plans today?

Getting To Know God’s Word will introduce you to the Bible and show you how all 66 books combine to tell one story of redemption. If you want to understand the Scriptures and draw closer to God, then you’ll love Dennis Stevenson’s simple summary and compelling outline of the greatest book ever written.

Narrated by “Mary” – a Google Automated Narrator.  Click here to hear a sample of the book in your browser.

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