Getting To Know God’s Word


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Do you want to understand your Bible better?  Would you like to know how all the stories connect together?  Discover how every page of scripture tells the beautiful story of God’s redeeming love.

Author and Bible teacher Dennis Stevenson draws on decades of study to provide a simple framework that organizes every book of the Bible.  His simple structure gives purpose and meaning to every Bible story and points to the overarching drama of how God would redeem His rebellious creation.

Follow along from Genesis to Revelation to learn how the story unfolds.  Discover how to break the Bible into distinct sections and understand how each section tells a specific part of the story.  Follow the key characters who make up the greatest book ever written and watch as their drama develops through the pages of scripture.  Learn how the entire Bible, Old Testament and New Testament, points to the gospel.

In Getting To Know God’s Word you’ll uncover:

  • The principle characters and key conflict of the entire Bible
  • How God authored all 66 books through more than 39 different writers
  • 11 distinct sections of the Bible and the lessons we receive from them
  • The 3 divine offices and how they influence the story of the Bible
  • How the gospel connects to every story in the Bible

Getting To Know God’s Word is an insightful and easy read on a topic many people find confusing.  If you want to increase your understanding of the Bible and deepen your love for God, then you’ll appreciate Dennis Stevenson’s clear instruction and simple summary of the most important book ever written.