Heavenly Realms Volume One



There is more to this world than what we see with our eyes.

Enter the Heavenly Realms, where angels go about the business of the Almighty and are opposed by the Fallen.  See what could have happened leading up to Genesis 1:1, in the Garden of Eden, and in our world today.

Follow 3 angels as they face circumstances of a spiritual nature that challenge their faith and  their duty to the Almighty.

  • Jarial chooses between her own dreams and friendship when there is no time to make a second choice.
  • Geleriel discovers how committed he is to his assignment and whether he can be broken or turned aside.
  • Amariel seeks more challenging assignments, but finds himself in over his head when faced with the Fallen.

Each story offers a biblically grounded tale of angelic struggle, triumph and catastrophe.

The heavenly realms are real.  Just because we don’t see the conflict, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening all around us.

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