Pursuing Greater Discipleship


Jesus Above All



Want to elevate your worship? Do you want to break out of a worship rut?  This extraordinary view of Jesus will awaken your heart and energize your faith.

In this simple book, Bible teacher and author Dennis Stevenson highlights four people who encountered Jesus in all His glory.  With the heart of a teacher and the skill of an artist, he paints a biblical picture of Jesus that will bend your knee and make your spirit rejoice.

In a vision, Jesus’ glory filled the temple and overwhelmed Isaiah’s senses.  On a mountain when Jesus embraced His divinity, Peter started babbling and couldn’t stop. When you strip away the stereotypes and see Jesus with clear eyes, you’ll want to worship Him with all your heart.

In Jesus Above All you will discover:

  • Four extraordinary encounters with Jesus that will change how you worship Him.
  • Three simple worshipful practices you can use to change your heart of worship.
  • Resources you can apply to make these truths come to life every day.

Jesus Above All is a book you’ll want to read again and again.  If you enjoy biblical truth, vivid story telling, and heart-felt application, you’ll love Dennis Stevenson’s skill to inspire your faith and give you a new heart of worship.

Download Jesus Above All now and discover a renewed passion for worship.