Study the Bible: Six Easy Steps WORKBOOK (Spiral Bound Paperback)


The WORKBOOK specifically designed to make Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps even better!

As you learn the Six Easy Steps Bible study method, this workbook helps you learn every key point and summarizes the information you need to know to get more out of your time in God’s Word!

NEW! Special direct-from-author spiral binding makes it even easier to use this workbook!

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Do you want to maximize your growth in God’s Word? This companion workbook for the popular how-to guide Study The Bible – Six Easy Steps reinforces in your knowledge as you learn how to study the Bible.

Author Dennis Stevenson has taught the Six Easy Steps Bible study method to churches around the world. This workbook delivers all his live class teaching materials in one convenient manual designed to enhance your learning from Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps.

Pair this workbook and study guide with the instructional book to increase your learning and your confidence as you discover how to study God’s Word. The summarized outline provides additional clarity on the key points of the Six Easy Steps method study formula. Using this workbook will lead you through every exercise and provides ample space to write down your thoughts and insights as you discover how to dig into Scripture.

Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps is a complete guide to study scripture and this workbook makes teaching and learning a snap. If you’re looking for a way to accelerate your learning and tools to ensure the lessons stick, then you’ll love Dennis Stevenson’s self-study methods for engaging with the Bible.

Get the bundle — Study The Bible – Six Easy Steps plus this companion WORKBOOK — to maximize your learning today!


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