Study the Bible: Six Easy Steps (ebook)



Are you stuck on a spiritual treadmill? Do you want a deeper connection with God through His Word but aren’t making the progress you want? Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps puts you on the path to encounter God in the pages of Scripture.

Author and international Bible teacher Dennis Stevenson shares a simple strategy that focuses on the essential skills to unlock God’s Word. His practical study method starts from the beginning and shows you the important steps to read, understand, and apply the truths of the Bible.

In “Study the Bible Six Easy Steps,” you’ll discover:

  • The three steps most Christians have never been taught that draw life-changing applications from scripture
  • Five words everyone knows but few pay attention to which unlock the meaning of Bible verses
  • How study Bibles, commentaries, and other resources can skew your personal study and what you can do to protect yourself
  • The critical step that most people who say they want to study their Bible fail to take and end up never benefiting from what they’ve learned
  • A step-by-step document template that practically runs your next Bible study for you

Whether you’ve been trying for a while or are just starting out, this guide will help you become a thriving student of the Bible. Dennis Stevenson’s easy-to-follow approach is filled with step-by-step learning, helpful examples, and practical exercises which will start your fulfilling journey of studying God’s word.

Order your copy now and start your Bible study journey today!

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