Study the Bible: Six Easy Steps



Are you curious about God’s Word? Do you want to know what Scripture says and what it means? Discover the joy of Bible study in this simple guided self-study program.

Author and Bible teacher Dennis Stevenson brings decades of practical experience studying the Bible. The son of a pastor, he learned how to handle God’s Word as an every-day part of growing up. The Six Easy Steps study program brings the same natural learning process to anyone who wants to understand Scripture.

This easy to understand book shares an effective study method even if you have no prior experience studying the Bible. Through examples and practice exercises, you’ll discover how to use a few simple tools that unlock the meaning of God’s Word. You’ll learn the Six Easy Steps method which organizes everything you need to do then put all the steps together in a guided study that walks you through a complete Bible study.

Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps gives you:

  • A few simple tools you can learn to understand what the Bible says.
  • An effective way to use commentaries and study Bibles to enhance your learning.
  • The Six Easy Steps method which organizes all your Bible study activities.
  • Downloadable templates that take the guesswork out of the study process.
  • A guided study that walks you through every step of the method – so you see what a successful study looks like.

Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps delivers a step by step plan that makes studying God’s Word a natural process for spiritual growth. If you’re looking for well-defined steps, an effective template for your own study, and a teacher that intimately understands your journey, you’ll love Dennis Stevenson’s practical approach to studying God’s Word.

Get Study The Bible – Six Easy Steps today and discover the simple tools that unlock God’s Word!

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