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Understanding God’s Word Super Bundle (Paperback- Save $5 )

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Learn how to study the Bible!

Whether you’ve been a Christian for a while or are just starting out, this guide will help you become an effective student of the Bible. Dennis Stevenson’s easy-to-follow approach, filled with step-by-step learning, helpful examples, and practical exercises, will start you on your fulfilling journey of studying God’s word.

This four book bundle includes Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps and the companion Workbook as well as Getting to Know God’s Word and with its companion Workbook.  It’s the perfect set of books to maximize your learning about God’s Word.

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The ultimate bundle for studying the Bible!

Get a jump start on your Bible and start to build a foundation that will serve you for the rest of your life. This four book bundle spans the full breadth of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation and shows you how to dive deep into Scripture itself to understand exactly what God has to say to you.  There is no better combination for starting – or enhancing – your spiritual journey.

This bundle includes 4 paperback books:

  1. Getting to Know God’s Word: Discover how the Bible works and despite 66 books and 39 authors, it tells one coherent story about God’s love for His creation and the lengths to which He would go to redeem its rebellious spirit.
  2. Getting to Know God’s Word WORKBOOK:  A spiral-bound companion workbook that allows you to interact with the important points of Getting to Know God’s Word.  This workbook helps you dive deep and retain the knowledge that will influence every time you read your Bible.
  3. Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps: With thousands sold around the world, this simple approach to studying the Bible will get you started on the right foot and set your path for lifelong Bible Study.
  4. Study the Bible – Six Easy Steps WORKBOOK: A spiral-bound companion workbook that organizes how you learn to study your Bible and highlights all the essential points with exercises and assignments to make what you learn stick.

Buy the bundle and get an enormous jump-start on your knowledge of the Bible.  Not only will you have a unified overview, but you’ll be empowered to dive deep into God’s Word and apply it to your life.

Get the bundle today and start your journey of Bible mastery!


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