Have you ever started out down a path, thinking it was a good direction to go, only to find out (later) that it had a ton of unadvertised requirements? Maybe if you’d know about all the consequences up front, you’d have made a different choice?

That moment of discovery is sort of a crisis moment. I will confess that often I want to throw something on the floor and get all in a huff.  And if the something I throw down breaks loudly, so much the better.

I just want what I want when I want it how I want it.  I want a Garden of Eden experience before the ground was cursed and delivering children became painful.

If you’re tracking with me, say “Amen!”.  Say it out loud, everyone around you will think you’re odd, but super spiritual.


This is not the world we live in. We have a life that is kissed by sin, tainted with corruption and polluted with futility. It means that we are going to have those moments.  

This is where we find our selves needing to pray that the Spirit of Christ come upon us and change our attitude and our reaction. While the blood of Christ has delivered us from the penalty of sin and the power of sin, we must still endure the presence of sin until Jesus comes again and delivers us from this body of death (see Romans 7:24).

At this point you’re probably wondering what prompted me to start to write this?

My most recent need for the grace of God came from realizing that my email was broken. Literally I was getting errors. Some of you had emailed me back and when I tried to answer you, I got a big ol’ fat security error back.

The internet was saying “no can do, senior”.

I won’t go into the technical details, because you literally don’t care.  But suffice it to say that I needed to play a very nerdy version of tech support for myself. 

So I’ve made some technical changes.  I mean I don’t have a degree in this kind of technology, but Professor Google tells me it was the right thing to do. I’ve done a little bit of testing and it all seems to work.

I didn’t sign up to be an internet security engineer. I thought I had that taken care of, but standards change and I guess I just need to keep up.

But it’s a good lesson about attitude and the grace of God.

I hope you gained some amusement and some perspective from my little crisis.

Until next time,


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