Pursuing Greater Discipleship


God Chooses Leaders

Congratulations, we’ve finally finished reviewing the first of 66 books!  At this rate, it’s going to take 200 installments to understand the Bible.  Fortunately, we’re going to pick up the pace.  A lot.  In this session, we’ll consider a total of six books of the Bible. To date, we’ve been introduced to the three main […]

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God Chooses His People

In just a very short time, a lot has happened in the Bible.  The first three chapters of Genesis are loaded with events that set up everything else that follows for the rest of the Bible. God has been established as the “Good Guy” of the story.  He created everything that we see (and even […]

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In The Beginning

If we want to follow the story of the Bible, we need to take a moment and become familiar with the characters we’ll be following.   In the first 3 chapters of Genesis, we are introduced to the protagonists and antagonists as well as the fundamental conflict that will persist throughout the whole Bible. Each of […]

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Let’s Dig into the Bible

We cannot separate the Bible from God. In some kind of objective sense that I don’t know I can really put effectively into words, God is separate from the Bible.  He existed before the Bible was written.  Through the Holy Spirit, He is the author of the Bible.  The Bible is somehow less than He […]

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Do you read your Bible with Spiritual Imagination?

Isn’t it easy to read the Bible and find tales of cardboard people in a distant land. Most of us have never lived in Israel.  Certainly none of us have lived in the first century AD.  There is a lot that we don’t understand. Stuff we’ve never seen.  I love  to research people and places […]

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Relaunching Devotion – Men in the Bible

I’m excited to share that I’ve just relaunched Bible/Man Devotion as Devotion – Men in the Bible.  It’s a new title and a new cover, but the same great book inside.  At  the moment, it’s only available at Amazon, but I plan to launch it more widely in a little while. Devotion: Men in the […]

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