Study the Bible: Six Easy Steps
The How-To Bible Study Guide for Everyday Christians

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You can study the Bible.  You probably have all the skills you need right now.  What you’re missing is for someone to show you how!  In this easy-to-read book, you’ll discover six easy steps that use skills you already have to study the Bible and apply it to your life.

Just learning isn’t enough.  The book includes a step-by-step study of the book of Titus in the New Testament.  I’ll journey alongside you as together we explore God’s message to us in this short letter from Paul to his ministry partner Titus.

For those who want to lead this as a class, a printed student workbook is available on Amazon.

Miracles: Faith in Action
A Devotional Bible Study

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Meet men and women in circumstances that cried out for a miracle.  Whether God responded to their faith or acted to strengthen it, you’ll discover how He cared about the condition of their heart. With insightful questions for each passage, journal your answers or discuss them in a group to strengthen your own faith and draw closer to God.

I Will Sing of My Redeemer
Inspiring Devotions from 52 Great Hymns of the Faith

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The great hymns of the faith teach us all about the gospel.  These beloved songs delve into the goodness of God, the sacrifice of Jesus, the challenges of living a life of faith and obedience.  In this book you’ll encounter 52 beloved hymns that will lead you back to God and the joy of your salvation.  Suitable for daily reading or spread out over an entire year with one per week, you’ll love the reminders of God’s love for you. 

Jesus Above All
How You See Jesus Shapes How You Worship Him

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In a vision, Jesus’ glory filled the temple and overwhelmed Isaiah’s senses.  On a mountain when Jesus embraced His divinity, Peter started babbling and couldn’t stop. When you strip away the stereotypes and see Jesus with clear eyes, you’ll want to worship Him with all your heart.

Jesus Above All is a book you’ll want to read again and again.  If you enjoy biblical truth, vivid story telling, and heart-felt application, you’ll love Dennis Stevenson’s skill to inspire your faith and give you a new heart of worship.

As Often As You Do It
See Communion through Jesus’ Eyes

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In this book, you’ll discover the powerful story of redemption that Jesus gave us in the Lord’s Supper.  Find fresh spiritual encouragement and strengthen your faith every time you take communion.  When you eat the bread and drink the cup, you’ll look back on the price He paid and remember how much He loves you.


Devotion:  Men in the Bible
Journey to rediscover God, the Bible and yourself as a man

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Devotion: Men in the Bible is a tool for men to deepen their walk with God and develop a kind of intimacy they never imagined.   Complete with 30 guided devotions, this book will be a perfect compliment to your Bible for a month of impactful daily devotions.

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Men in the Bible
Small Group Study Guide

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I developed Men in the Bible – Small Group Study Guide as a tool for creating the ideal men’s Bible study that I couldn’t find anywhere else.  Now the complete package is available in one useful book!

The Bible is loaded with stories of men in situations just like you.  Through the stories of their lives you can learn powerful lessons, gain clarity and see what God wants for your life.  As a group Bible study, this book is a game-changer!

In this how-to guide you’ll get a step by step plan to lead an 8, 12 or 16 week study. It’s not hard. All the tools you need will be provided.

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