I like a good cooking show.  Of special delight is a baking show.  Think the Great British Baking Show (Bake Off for those of you in the UK).

The baker starts by making the cake (I like a good sponge), layers it and puts a good filling in.  At this point, the cake looks like a cake – but it’s naked.

The final step is that the baker makes a frosting.  I don’t care if it’s a butter cream or a fondant – this is the sweet part! The frosting goes over the cake.  No longer can you see what’s on the inside, just the sweetness all over the outside.

Here’s the issue.  Once the frosting goes on, you don’t know what kind of cake is on the inside. The cake could be red velvet or double chocolate.  You just don’t know.

But the frosting is not the cake.  The cake is the cake.  A desperate competitor can put a nice frosting on a bad cake – and until the judge cuts in, no one knows.

Do you see the metaphor?

A person builds their life around something.  It creates the structure of what their priorities are and what their passions are about.  This substance defines who they are.

But then they might pour something over that life.  One more passion or interest.  It’s the way you see them.

In some cases, the life is built around worldly concerns and the pour-over is a thin layer of Christianity.  It’s hard to tell if there is any substance under the frosting. But it sure looks good from the outside.

I have no interest in frosting Christians. 

I am looking for cake Christians.  I don’t want to contribute to a thin layer of sickly sweetness over the top of who knows what kind of life.

I want to bake great cakes and thereby build Christ-like lives.  If someone just wants to “lipstick the pig”, they should keep on going because I have nothing for them.

That’s why I’ve put together an offer for Black Friday/Cyber Monday that is designed to build a strong foundation of studying God’s word. It’s a monster deal designed for someone who really wants to learn how to study Scripture and understand what God has for them.

The only time I care about Frosting Christians is when they decide that they are ready to do more and become cake Christians.  Leaving worldly passions and concerns for godly concerns always get’s my attention and excitement.

What kind of Christian are you?  Are you building a life that is grounded in faith?  Or are you layering on a veneer of religion all over the surface?

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