I remember a sermon illustration from a number of years ago.  It’s stuck with me and to some extent haunted me.  I did some research and share it with you for similar effect.

Francis Schaeffer founded a Christian community called “L’Abri” (the shelter) in Switzerland in the 1950’s.  One day he came across Madam Dumerich, a German noblewoman, weeping in one of the gardens.  She had recently come to Christ, so he was puzzled why she would be so sorrowful.

“My lady, why do you weep so,” he asked.

“I weep for the wasted years,” she answered.

She was advanced in years, and looking back over her life she felt remorse and sorrow for the years and decades she had lived for herself.  It was a bitter pill for her see so many years wasted in the face of her recent discovery of the gospel.

“I weep for the wasted years,” has been a phrase that has stuck in my mind for many, many years.

I am concerned that many Christians today are wasting years, yet do not find the remorse of Madam Dumerich.  No tears are shed over the waste.  At least not today.

Perhaps when they stand before Jesus, the tears will flow, as these believers see the test of their lives burned up in flames, and they are left with nothing to show for their service except for their presence with Jesus.

Christianity becomes one more layer poured over a life already consumed with worldly matters. It never takes control, but simply colors the actions with a veneer of spirituality.

This is something to weep over.  Years wasted, thinking the time would come ‘later’ when the faith would be taken seriously.  Yet the time slips by and years become decades.

It’s a serious problem for Christians across the globe.

If this email is a mirror for you and you realize you are at risk of wasting years of your life, stop waiting and take action.  There is no time like the present to change course and reorient your life around the gospel.

Stop wasting your time.

Take action today – any of the resources on my website would be a great start if you feel stuck.

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