Devotion: Men in the Bible

By Dennis C Stevenson Jr

15 ratings

Amp up your devotions with 30 stories of men in the Bible. Look into their lives to see the successes and failures. Learn a novel way to apply these stories to your own life and see God move powerfully in your daily walk.


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Does your spiritual life feel flat and uninspiring? Do you wish you could reboot? Discover six questions that take ordinary stories in the Bible and unlock extraordinary passion.

Devotion – Men in the Bible introduces you to thirty stories of men in every kind of circumstance. Meet men in their moment of triumph, greatest failure and everywhere in between. Discover how their stories are connected to yours and watch God use their lessons to change your life.

Author Dennis Stevenson shares the secret to reading Bible stories like they were written directly to you. Learn how these ancient tales of loyalty, betrayal, anger, lust, hopelessness, fear and faith can change your life with an explosion of spiritual vitality.

In this book you will find:

  • 30 stories selected to recharge your spiritual life
  • The 6 questions that will connect your life to the story
  • A workbook to help you deepen your personal spiritual journey

Devotion – Men in the Bible will guide you on a spiritual journey of discovery. Discover a fresh way of relating to your Bible. If you like a quick read, practical tools and a plan to get you moving forward, this book is definitely for you!

Get your copy to recharge your spiritual vitality today!



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Bible Man


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Dennis C Stevenson Jr



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15 ratings